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I'm playing Wakfu, Remington server.

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it costed me and Kj sleepless days and nights.

we’re sharing Tigus between our chars, and the ammy is 100% Kj’s because he bought it and i’m being unlucky with emiw for over a month.. but, yeah. we did it. yeah. WE FUCKING DID IT.

he heals for 1500+ at the first turn.

Anonymous said: Have you ever done any roleplaying? I really love hearing about your characters and often think about what it'd be like to roleplay with you and see how our characters would interact QQ <3 u senpai

Roleplaying is a very intimate thing to me, so I’m sticking to the only person who is aketan <w<; She’s been my rp buddy for years already. Rika, Lust and Shiki belong to her, but I’m drawing them as just often as my own babies. Couldn’t resist.

Somehow I’m just feeling awkward when attempting to rp with someone else. Ugh. Not motivated at all. Sorry if this answer disappoints you. ;w;

Anonymous said: I'm a fan of your wonderful art. I love how your drawings and figures are very fluid. What did you do to get your art that way? Lots of gesture drawings? Lots of anatomy study? I've been trying to get my drawings less stiff, and looking at yours makes me feel so envious. So any tips would really help! TANK YOU <3

First of all, thanks for paying attention to my humble doodles UwU;

You’ll probably laugh, but I’m a self taught artist who never knew how to take references and started to learn anatomy and redraw photos for practice just recently. I’m not very satisfied with my overall skills though, still too anime-ish and not always anatomically correct. :c All the drawings on this blog aren’t based on references, unless I say so (happens only on my nsfw blog tho xD), since I prefer to keep studies and real art separated.

If you’re curious, I’ll tell my story in short. (or not in short..)

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Anonymous said: I'm the anon who wrote that thing and I didn't mean to be rude, I was ironic but I think I touched the sore spot. I'm sorry for being such a douche I just wanted to see how you look like out of curiosity, I didn't mean to ruin your day. of course it doesn't change anything if you're a boy or a girl or something else because you're a person in any case and that's what counts. wishing you could forgive me for being so rude.

Thanks for letting me know and sorry if I overreacted. This topic is somehow a real “no-no” to me, sadly.

If someone doesn’t refer to their gender in any meaning, there must be reasons for sure. I’m purposely avoiding making selfies/talking about myself as a female, it’s weird much, but doesn’t make real problems until people interrupt my genderless being. I’m aware that it isn’t normal, but the fact that I’ve been living like this for almost 9 years already says pretty much, imo.

From now on, I’d like this topic to be closed and forgotten, sorry yet again.

P.S. And thanks to those who supported and comforted me yesterday, you’re all sweeties. UwU

Anonymous said: I've been following you for a while but I've never seen a photo of you. SHOW US YOUR IDENTITY! I don't even know if youre a boy or a girl

Wasn’t it a bit rude? Art doesn’t have gender. Would you like me more if I had a vagina, or hate me and call gay if I had a penis?

By the fact I’m a sick girl who hates everything about its gender, calls itself a boy and wishes to be reborn. I’m not even fat or ugly, but I don’t like my body.

Do you feel better now?


did you know that his personality is pretty much inspired by my roomie’s cat

although Suto doesn’t puke on my bed when i’m sleeping, Suto’s def bettur




Aho got a real haircut, dunno how to feel about that. it was forever like this on beta, but i was hoping not to get it on the normal server. i still prefer to think “it’s just a temporary glitch”, but knowing Ankama.. meh.

now his ponytail isn’t showing anywhere, let it be spring costume, or amaknian pirate, it comes back only when i’m taking all the costumes/emblems off. :c the meantime someone linked the water festival costume on the guild chat.


i so need it. *flails* LOOK AT SUTO LOOK AT KARI THEY BOTH LOOK FAB and i especially like that Suto’s hair isn’t completely covered, but at the same time the headband hides his forehead and parting in the middle, which has always been rather ugly to me. so with this costume his hair looks closer to my own design. TwT need it need it need it. my kamas are ready.


most likely i’ll just leave it without comments.

some cutesy stuff for tweendoriru!

this character is created by me, yeah, adopts again ^v^; and bought by the nicest person mentioned above. somehow, i’m really proud of this design, so feeling like showing it off.


what am i even doing when i should be asleep already


Shiki wearing you know what and Suto’s questionable “sorry”. you decide whether trust him or not.

y’all like Suto’s epic faces don’t ya *eyebrow wiggle* I LOVE IT TOO



day or evening? x)

more! more commission^^